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Socks ice dyed

Socks ice dyed

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Introducing our vibrant and funky ColorSplash Ice Dyed Socks! Up your sock game with  one-of-a-kind ice dyed cotton socks.

Each pair of socks is individually hand-dyed using the magic of ice, dye and time. This process ensures that no two pairs are alike, making every pair of socks totally unique.

The bold and brilliant colors of pinks, purples, blues and golden yellow are fun and bright and lots of fun to wear and will brighten your day. Made from cotton these socks are snug yet breathable  that keeps your feet cozy all day long. 

Please Note - Everything from Creative Village Newcastle is created by hand and there will be colour and pattern variations from item to item. We rinse out the socks to make sure all he excess dye is out, however we recommend you wash them separately for the first couple of washes.

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