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Paper making kit

Paper making kit

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Making paper is great fun for kids and grown ups and relaxing into the process to create something beautiful is therapeutic. The paper can be used for love notes, letters, cards or for using with pressed flowers to make artworks.

Everything in provided to start the process of creating your own paper.  All you need is a cleared work surface where it's ok to get things a bit wet, some old towels and paper to shred.  Use plastic tub large enough to fit the mould and deckle with space for your hands too.  Collect some old towels or sheets for soaking up the water, grab a blender and you are good to go.

Included in your kit is:

    The deckle - frame without mesh

    The mould - frame with screen stapled on

    Some couching fabric, comprehensive Instructions with a sample piece of handmade paper and a cute packet of flower seeds to use in paper making (or just plant them)

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