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Go Plastic Free

Go Plastic Free

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This is perfect for your eco warrior friend, or maybe you just want to show your fam bam how easy it is to live plastic free and say no to single use items. Reuse, reduce, and recycle is your mantra? Then this is the gift bundle for you. All packaged with a hand dyed re-usable gift bag with a gift tag.

The pack includes:
- Beeswax food wrap Starter kit
- 3 pack of Unpaper Towels
- Hand Dyed reusable shopping bag by Colour Clouds
- Hand dyed re-usable gift bag by Colour Clouds
- Gift tag by Colour Clouds
(the basket in the image is not included in the pack)

Please Note – Everything from Creative Village Newcastle is handmade and there will be slight variations from item to item. The Unpaper towels are made from rescued cotton fabric and old towels, so each pack will have different fabric and towel,.

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