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Flower Press Kit

Flower Press Kit

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Turn precious memories into beautiful keepsakes

Connect with nature and unleash your inner creativity with this wonderful hand-crafted flower press.

A thoughtful gift for adults and children, this flower pressing kit was made right here in Newcastle and features a delicate etched flower detail on the lid.

Handmade with eco-friendly materials, let your creativity run wild as you turn your pressed flowers into candles, picture frames, cards and more.

Our popular flower press kit even includes flower seeds so you can plant and grow your own flowers!

See what's included in our flower press kit:

Flower press

Brass wing nuts and screws

Upcycled cardboard layers

Paper for pressing

Instructions and note paper

Handmade recycled paper for making an artwork or card

Flower seeds to grow your own flowers

About Creative Village Newcastle:

Our collective of artists, makers and designers create handcrafted items right here in Newcastle. As each piece is handmade, your item may look slightly different from the image depicted. We hope you enjoy your one-of-a-kind purchase!

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