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Flower Press Kit

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Get creative with this flower press.

Have fun foraging for flowers and foliage to press making your own artworks, creating keepsakes and preserving memories in a slow down and breathe kind of way. Our hand-crafted flower press was made right here in Newcastle. Take your inspiration from nature, you will find yourself wanting to plant more flowers. The beautiful results can be turned into beautiful gifts, candles or picture frames. We include an A5 sized piece of handmade paper to use with your pressed flowers

THe kit includes:
• The flower press
• Brass wing nuts and screws
• Up-cycled cardboard layers
• Paper for pressing
• Instructions and note paper to record all the fun bits
• Hand made Recycled paper for making an artwork or a card
• Seed paper for planting and growing your own flowers


    Please note: Everything we make is handmade so please know everything will be different to the next one.