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Crystal and Floral Candles

Crystal and Floral Candles

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Crystal zen time.

Ah relax and breathe in the serenity, you get to choose just the right fragrance with this range of crystal candles from Wanderlust Fragrances. Right here and now we all need some calm in this chaotic life.

Scent and Colours:
OM - Purple
, with amethyst crystals for soothing serenity, and scented with black raspberry and vanilla.
Namaste - Red, with clear quartz for clarity with Rose and lavender buds.
Zen - Green, with green aventurine and amethyst for soothing, creativity, and releasing negative energy, with shredded coconut, hibiscus petals and biodegradable glitter
Dhyana - Peach, with yellow aventurine for prosperity, optimism and balance scented with orange blossom

Fragrances that will take you to places you’ve always dreamed of.

Please Note – Everything from Creative Village Newcastle is handmade and there will be slight variations from item to item. The foliage and bath salts are not included.

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