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Bath Gift Pack

Bath Gift Pack

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Bath Gift Pack

Why not add a little luxury to everyday life?

Everyone loves to be pampered and have the chance to escape from reality from time to time. And that time is now, thanks to our luxury handmade bathing hamper.

Whether it’s a gift for a special someone or an indulgent treat for you, this bath gift pack enchants the senses while helping you slow down and unwind.

From the uplifting soap and one-of-a-kind soap dish to the soothing bath salts and fragrant dried flowers, this bathing hamperwill transport you to another world.

See what's included in our bathing hamper:

Bath tea salts by Wanderlust Fragrances

Mini bunch of flowers 

Uplifting soap by Wanderlust Fragrances

Ceramic soap dish by Leah Fawthrop

About Creative Village Newcastle:

Our collective of artists, makers and designers create handcrafted items right here in Newcastle. As each piece is handmade, your item may look slightly different from the image depicted. We hope you enjoy your one-of-a-kind purchase!

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