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Apron Adult

Apron Adult

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Shiny happy feeling, in rainbow and ocean colours.

You know you would be happy cooking and creating with this apron on, and if you splash lots of food? Who cares? this is just the bees knees for hiding mess. This apron is perfect for any home cook or professional chef. Made from durable, 100% cotton material, it features adjustable straps for a comfortable fit and a front pocket. The apron is machine washable and available in a variety of colors to match any kitchen decor. Whether you're baking, bbqing or cooking up a storm, this apron will keep your clothes clean and protected. Our aprons are hand dyed, each and every apron will be completely different and totally unique with it’s own amazing patterns and colour mixes. Tie dye and colour is the best combination.

One size fits most. ice dye and tie dyed right here in Newcastle. Perfect for artists too who like to splash a bit of colour.


Please Note – Everything from Creative Village Newcastle is created by hand and there will be colour and pattern variations from item to item. We rinse out the aprons to make sure all the dye is out, however we recommend you wash it separately for the first couple of washes.

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