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Air plant on Banksia pod

Air plant on Banksia pod

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These super cute tillandsia air plants have been attached to banksia pods that have been cut to create a stand that will look cute on a desk, window sill, or little plant nook. These air plants are so easy to look after and only require dunking in water every few weeks and draining upside down so the water doesn't settle in the leaves.  Because they are air plants, tillandsias survive on air (and a little water) without the requirement of soil.  So they really are the easiest plants to look after.  They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and we can't guarantee which air plant you will get, but we can guarantee you will love these little triffid like tillandsia's.

If you love these, check out our hanging tillandsia plants, created with banksia pods and designed to hang wherever you think these little triffids will look cute.

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