Chalked up furniture paint and upcycling furniture.

Chalked up furniture paint and upcycling furniture.

If you have been into our shop, you know how much we love upcycling, in fact all of our shelves, tables, and ladders we sourced second hand, or off the side of the road. Its a lot of fun when you spy a piece that you know will be just right, and tada with a bit of cleaning and painting we have a new piece to showcase what we make, so we were pretty happy when we met Alyssa and she joined our creative collective four years ago. Alyssa lives in the hunter and started making chalk paint, then one thing led to another and Chalked Up Furniture paint was born.

Chalked Up Furniture Paint is the perfect way to Upcycle your old, vintage and not so vintage furniture. Made in the Hunter, Chalked Up Furniture Paint is so easy to use as the prep is super simple, you just need to clean the surface. Chalk paint can be used on so many different surfaces including metal, wood, stone, concrete, plastic and even terracotta. 

Upcycling furniture is a great way to repurpose old and unwanted items, turning them into something new and useful. You’ll be able to give your furniture a fresh new look with minimal effort and the absolute best bit - no sanding required! Chalk Paint transforms furniture with an amazing matte chalk finish and then all you need to do is use a bees wax bar or hemp seed oil to seal the paint and protect the surface and it will last for years. 

With a wide range of colors available from classic neutrals to vibrant hues you can find the perfect color to upcycle your furniture and give it a new lease on life. My personal favourite? well i narrowed it down to deep kale, olive leaf green, and gum leaf grey. But it really depends on what I want to do as I have also used hamptons navy, and just white on furniture at my home.

With its easy application process, long lasting matte finish and beautiful range of colors, Chalked Up Furniture Paint can help you Upcycle your furniture. Get creative today with Chalked Up Furniture Paint – the perfect solution for Upcycling old and vintage furniture.

It's so easy, once you start you will start looking for more to paint, and you might just convert friends and family to buying second hand and upcycling. So much better for the planet.


Just in case you are still thinking about should I give it a go? 

Upcycling furniture is a fun and rewarding way to reduce waste, save money, and create something new and unique.



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