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 I'm not sure if its spring or the fact that Newcastle has been in lock-down for several weeks now but Creative Village makers are exploring new creative outlets and opportunities to stay inspired. We are hoping you are tapping into your creativity too! It's a great way to stay connected with the world around you and to cope with some of the harder aspects of being locked down - for us, not being able to share our creations with our lovely customers and friends is super hard!

New tools and techniques are finding its way into my designs too. I have a range of white leather garments from the 80s, generously donated to me by one of my favourite people in the world. I'm looking forward to using paints and dyes to bring a watercolour explosion onto a new pattern range.
I have bags and glasses cases planned as well as belts and new handles. Belts don't always re-birth spectacularly well as handles due to the width but I can cut them down, paint them and then rivet them on. With leather paints on their way from Melbourne (also in lockdown) my accessory range can be born and grow in conjunction with other exciting new products on the way.

Our other makers have been exploring exciting pursuits and planning new product lines. Kelsie, our mandala magician, has been doing chalk mandala work on the footpaths near home and creating special messages of hope on her rock collection. Her beautiful kids have been involved too (and no doubt loving all the extra creative energy!)

Lilly Rodger, Bowerbird Bags and accessories, Chalk art by Kelsie’s family.

Chalk art by Kelsie’s family.

Lilly Rodger, Bowerbird Bags and accessories

On Instagram, makers have shared crotchet, paintings, new spring bouquets and baby packs for delivery before Christmas (isn't a Covid baby boom a thing?) If you aren't following already, get onboard for your everyday dose of Newcastle handmade creative goodness.

At the moment, the shop cant open as we have to wait until we kick this thing to the curb and it is looking to be on track to go that way before the end of the year. As Leah posted recently on insta, keep in mind the posties are all under pressure so get in early to line up your Xmas handmade gift list - we love all the support from our Newie hometown cheer squad

Til then, stay safe!


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